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Wow! We are Resident Entrepreneurs!

Our wee team at Hidden Trax are truly over the moon to have found out we’ve been accepted into the Creative Informatics’ ‘Resident Entrepreneurship’ programme! Receiving funding and support to help grow our business, the next few months are going to be pretty seminal when it comes to growth and future planning. As a result, we thought it might be a good idea to kickstart a new ‘Resident Entrepreneurs’ blog series, documenting our experience throughout the programme. For any budding entrepreneurs, we hope this can serve as a guide to the process – plus, we hope it serves as a place to record our development, and keep us focused. 

So without further ado…

Stage One: Resident Entrepreneurship Meetup 

We are in, of course, the time of Corona – and so unfortunately our first Resident Entrepreneurship meetup had to take place on Zoom. However, it was still a really great chance to meet some of the other candidates on the programme! Each business delivered a ten minute run-through of who they were, and what their plans were for their RE project. We chatted about life in lockdown, and generally had the chance to put some names to faces. 

This was a lovely couple of hours which really helped feel the Entrepreneurship had kicked off proper. It was a treat hearing about the diverse spectrum of businesses who were going to take in the programme; everything from robot skin to high quality video production. 

We at Hidden Trax want to say a big thank you to Michaela and the Creative Informatics team for organising the event, and also a big good luck to our fellow Resident Entrepreneurs, as they get started with their projects during this challenging time!

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