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Working remotely all of a sudden? We’ve been doing it since January! Here are our top tips!

It’s the topic on everyone’s minds, just now – and understandably so. More people than ever are being asked to work at home where they can, but working remotely is something Hidden Trax has been trialling since the New Year. 

So, as we are seasoned pros, we thought we’d write our own handy guide to working remotely, effectively!

1. Get up, get dressed, and go straight out (most days in the week)

Waking up in the morning with a purpose is – we feel – pretty vital to human happiness, and overall productivity. While working in pyjamas under your duvet is tempting, in the end, you’ll start to go a bit stir crazy. Blurring the lines between leisure and work isn’t the healthiest move; and getting up and going straight out in the morning means you’re dressed and interacting with the world from the off. Find a favourite coffee spot, get to know the staff. Don’t underestimate the importance of having another person to say good morning to. 

If we all need to isolate, then even going out for a short walk while avoiding enclosed public spaces could do the trick. Just some air, and a separation from your bedroom and the night time!

2. Be very strict on yourself with everything coffee related

If you are working in coffee shops, keep an eye on those pennies. It is easy to start spending lots and lots of money on hot drinks, and that is eating away at what you’re earning. Not only that, but consuming that much caffeine is questionable when it comes to hydration and energy levels. We’ve all been there, ordering that danger third coffee – and instantly feeling a bit queasy with a huge crash in energy. 

3. Eat lunch at home

Why? Because you can! And because you’ll save a ton of money, have far more tasty lunch options, and probably eat far less processed food. End of discussion. 

4. Write a daily to-do list first thing

No one is there, no one can see you, no one can motivate you. You are alone today, and so you need to be on the ball when it comes to a structure and getting things done. Find yourself daydreaming? Back to your to-do list. Find yourself looking out the window? Back to your to-do list. Start the day by writing one. End the day with everything crossed off, and any uncompleted tasks moved over to the next day. Working remotely makes you boss, manager, colleague and employee in one. Stay focused. 

5. Don’t be in a cafe for longer than an about hour without buying something

Despite what we said earlier, there is no excuse for ordering a coffee at 9am, and still sat taking up a table in a cafe at lunch time. Think about your environment. How much have you spent versus how many people could have used your table – people who might have bought food, or brought friends? This is a business, and while it is fine to use their wi-fi, plug sockets, and toilets all day – that is only true if it is very quiet, or you keep spending. So make a decision to leave if you’ve had enough coffee (see above!)

6. Make at least one phone call a day

We are social beings. Speak to others. Don’t go a whole day not speaking to anyone or you’ll start to feel weird about work. Phone someone else in your team, even just for a small catch up. Living in Slack? Maybe try and set up regular morning and afternoon phone calls with each other, to minimise the virtual chat (which is a huge distraction and unrewarding). 

For a wee roundup of just some of our favourite spots, check out the image above!

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