Valvona & Crolla

It takes some special ingredients to run a business since 1934… luckily Valvona & Crolla is full of them. Family-run since it opened, this Edinburgh institution has been keeping Italian food, wine and culture lovers smiling for over 80 years.

We chatted with Francesca, the managing director, about her family history and the diversity that makes Leith special. Francesca shares a unique perspective on what it means to foster multiple generations of connections within the local community, and how they’ve rallied together through the recent crisis. 

This #hiddentraxchat uncovers a special side of a local treasure, providing a first-hand insight into running a local business…

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Edinburgh Lockdown Economy

Running a business is never easy. Running an independent business during a global pandemic is – at times – nearly impossible. Lockdown turbulence has meant highs and lows for business owners and their employees; quick, creative change has become necessary. The need to support independent businesses, shop local, and invest cash in our communities is more important than ever before. Residents have been eager to support their locals during this tough time. But reaching these eager customers isn’t always easy…

Cue Edinburgh Lockdown Economy. An online directory developed by the team at Vocal, that sprung up – seemingly overnight – to support over 800 Edinburgh businesses. Their site allows businesses to share new offers and services with locals, supporting the many pivots, changes and rethinks that have been demanded of the independent. 

There’s been an inspiring wave of support for local businesses across Edinburgh, and as we begin our own new chapter, uncovering their stories, we thought where better to begin than Edinburgh Lockdown Economy. We caught up with Tom Harries, co-founder, to hear about the changes he’s seen in local businesses and what Edinburgh Lockdown Economy is doing to help; along with picking up some tips for a few of his favourite new finds. 

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