Our Story

Hidden Trax was born – as many great ideas are – with two Scots at their wits’ end. Tired of travelling abroad for work, with few memorable experiences to show for it.

Coming home to Edinburgh, John and Donald vowed to make it easier for visitors to find a meaningful local connection with the city. No large groups and no expensive fees – as easy as putting on some headphones and having a good ol’ wander, guided by those who really do know best!

Six months later, Hidden Trax has expanded to a small but mighty team, who are dedicated to seeking out vibrant local voices, exciting projects and passionate creators. Coupled with a little storytelling magic, we capture the essence of the city through the people who love it the most.

But there is more to our story than simply improving city experiences. 

Hidden Trax champions sustainable tourism – encouraging users to explore the world on foot where possible. A percentage of all profits will be donated to social enterprises working within the community, and the company strives to connect with leaders in sustainable, eco-friendly industries.

We believe in collaboration, investing in local neighbourhoods, and in protecting the future of our world.


We Stand For...

  • Captivating storytellers
  • Fearless adventurers
  • Small local businesses
  • Independent, flexible strolls
  • Personal content
  • Amazing value for money
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Everyone