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Need some incredible, local service providers in Edinburgh? We couldn’t have done it without them.

As per our company values, we’ve tried wherever possible to use Edinburgh-based companies for outsourced work over the last year. From rebranding, website management, and building our iOS app, there has been plenty we’ve not been quite able to tackle in-house. But instead of reaching out to some of the bigger, more corporate giants, we thought it was fitting and beneficial to seek out some slightly smaller service providers in the city. 

Afterall, we strive to champion local voices; and would love to take this with us in all aspects of our business.

After a year of growth, we thought it would be nice to shine a wee light on just a few of the companies, organisations and individuals we’ve worked with, who’ve been pretty fantastic across the board.

Looking to outsource a job? Maybe we’ve got some helpful recommendations

Rebranding, renaming, logo creation…

Jusoh Design were one of three fantastic local branding companies we spoke to and from the outset we were pretty enamoured with Malin and Jeremy. 

Friendly, professional and genuine, the pair set up Jusoh after graduating. They combine Malin’s research expertise and Jeremy’s creative talents to help you settle on a new name, and entire new look. They also provided us with a huge market research report into our target audience and market, copywriting services AND referred us to our website developers. 

We were really over the moon with our new name and logo: going from ‘weetour’ to ‘Hidden Trax’ has helped us position ourselves in the correct space. 

Working with Jusoh was a true pleasure. They’ve recently left Leith, moved to Sweden and got married.

Wishing them all the congratulations and happiness, from us at Hidden Trax.

Website creation, development, maintenance…

Geared App have a cool set of offices down just off Constitution Street, stocked with Rubicon Mango and Josh’s warm welcomes. 

Having had our branding briefed to them by Jusoh, the website was built efficiently, and matched our new look perfectly. It is a great site, and something we’re really proud of. 

Josh and his team have been beyond helpful throughout and we have an ongoing relationship with Geared App that we value immensely.

The sound engineer of our dreams…

Barry Jackson and Refo Productions have been with us since our ‘weetour’ days; Barry has helped us record and produce nearly every single piece of our 50+ selection of audio content. He pretty much has a fan club within our Creator Community, has advised the company whenever needed, and gone above and beyond to help whenever he can.

Barry makes up the backbone of Hidden Trax and we’d strongly recommend getting in touch with him if you’re looking for a freelance sound engineer or general audio maestro. Watch out though, you might well come out with a great new pal as well!

Recording studio in the heart of Leith’s musical community…

Dave House’s Noisefloor, situated next to Musicbase and Lost Oscillation studios, all underneath Spilt Milk Coffee on Great Junction Street has become a bit of a home from home for us. Twelve hour days spent basically underground would have been pretty painful if it hadn’t been for the truly fantastic creative community around Noisefloor. This DIY music studio has become more familiar than our own front rooms at times over the last year!

What has been built in this music-making tardis is phenomenal, and we bow down to the resources being offered to the community here. If you need any to do any recording, production, or if you need a rehearsal space, a new drum kit or a delicious toastie then we’d recommend heading along to 125 Great Junction Street.

It is a helpful, interesting, welcoming family – and Dave Houses’ wee booth in the middle has been a real blessing to us throughout our journey.

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