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Machina Coffee

Machina Coffee

There’s no doubting that Edinburgh is big on coffee, specifically, good coffee. Machina Coffee are at the heart of this scene; they’re active wholesalers, coffee roasters, equipment suppliers and the owners of a popular independent shop on Broughton Street. The story of Machina is one of big ideas, quality produce and putting people first – synonymous with what makes local businesses so special.

In this #hiddentraxchat, we speak to Machina Co-Founder Steve Glencross about how he and Michael started the business, what stands out about Edinburgh, and what’s to come in the world of speciality coffee.

“I definitely think 2021 could be the year of collaboration maybe…specifically, for Edinburgh’s indy scene. There’s a lot of strong businesses here that have great brands, and great products, and have good followings. There is no reason why the majority of these businesses should not only survive, but flourish.”

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