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First Creator Meet-Up!

Last Monday, we were over the moon to gather all of our wonderful creators under one pub’s roof! The evening kicked off with some beers and a chance for everyone to meet each other.

After a wee while, we shuffled everyone into the quieter back section of the bar so we could update the team on all the new, brilliant things happening with Hidden Trax.

So what are those? Well, we’ve rebranded and we have a shiny new logo to go with our name change! Our app is in development and is set for launch in July! (which is oh so soon, yay!) We’ve got over thirty Trax recorded and they’re available to test on streaming and podcast platforms, AND (if that wasn’t enough) we’ve got our new website going live in the next couple of weeks.

PHEW! That’s a big bag of news if we ever heard it.

Our creators were keen to share their experience working with Hidden Trax over the last six months or so, and it was a great chance for us to answer any questions. We were also able to start putting the feelers out for more pitches for potential future Trax!

We managed to get a good huge chunk of our Creator community to converge in Leith Walk’s Victoria: the results were all kinds of great chatter, and the formation of some interesting new creative relationships.

We left the evening feeling both chuffed and pretty thrilled with the interesting, warm, diverse group of storytellers we’ve collected as Hidden Trax creators.

Want to get involved? Click ‘Make a Trax’ above and fill out the form! Alternatively, email

Hopefully we will be seeing YOU at our next Creator meet-up!

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