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Edinburgh’s Independent Coffee Shops

Last month we had the privilege of sitting down with two of Edinburgh’s independent coffee legends to chat all things coffee – and running your own business – in Edinburgh!

This #hiddentraxchats coffee podcast was hosted by our repeat Creator and Edinburgh barista, Axel Goransson. As long-time coffee pals, we thought it was a perfect fit asking Axel himself to host, and interview the owners of Fortitude Coffee and Cairngorm Coffee, Matt Carroll and Robi Lambi.

Championing local businesses is at the core of Hidden Trax’s values – which is why Edinburgh’s coffee scene was something we are so keen to shine a light on. Arguably one of the richest and most varied third (or fourth!) -wave coffee communities in the country, Edinburgh’s mighty array of shoebox shops, roasteries, and innovative, independent coffee brands are a force to be reckoned with. 

One key element of the conversation, and mentioned in Axel’s three ‘Coffee’ Trax, is the Disloyal 7: a marketing scheme with a twist. Seven coffee businesses in the city joined forces and created a loyalty card which actively encouraged customers to visit their competitors. Get a stamp from each shop, and get a free coffee from one of your choice. 

You’d be hard pushed to better demonstrate some of the camaraderie and community spirit that underpins this corner of Edinburgh’s local business world. We learned a huge amount from this podcast, from the origins of our coffee to the progression to the fourth-wave; and from the challenges of setting up shop on your own, to why Edinburgh is perfect for high-quality, commodity coffee.

A huge thanks to Matt, Robi and Axel for this #hiddentraxchat! If you’re interested in some stories behind local Edinburgh businesses, then this is for you! 

Listen Here!

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