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Bellfield Taproom 3134

Bellfield Brewery

Bellfield was set up to make exceptional beers, that everyone (of legal drinking age) could enjoy. Specialising in great tasting gluten-free, all vegan, craft beers, their range can now be found across Edinburgh, and beyond – including in their own taproom! A proudly independent, tight-knit team, Bellfield love what they do and love to share it with you.

“There’s this wonderful, burgeoning scene in Edinburgh of small breweries and we’re great friends with all of them. We carry their beers in our taproom, and we help each other out, and we promote each other – we’ll even loan each other bits of it’s fantastic to be part of that.”

We spoke to Giselle in this #hiddentraxchat, and got to find out more about the Bellfield story and their journey as a local independent business in Edinburgh…

Listen now on your favourite podcast player or just click below! 

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